Another Rising Star, Connor Vierstra QB Lakewood HS

Another QB that is rising fast in the ranks of super stars, is Coach Sink’s new 2020 6’3” 210 lbs. QB from Lakewood HS

In Hebron, Ohio, Connor Vierstra.   Connor has been working with Coach for about 6 months and is now really showing promise for playing on  the next level.  He is a multi-star athlete, playing baseball, basketball and football, however, his # 1 favorite is playing football (by the way, he is repeating what one of the best QBS Coach Sink has ever coached; Westerville Central’s Gavin Lyon said, “There is no adrenal rush like being “the Man” playing QB on Friday night at an Ohio High school”) and the way he is attacking his off season work, he will be a must for this fall to put on your schedule for a Friday night or 2 to watch him and Lakewood HS play.  Vierstra is on a schedule of twice a week with Coach Sink and his fine group of receivers, which includes a star Strong Safety and Running Back move in from Newark CatholicConnor Roesink.  You can be assured that you will hear, “There goes another Connor to Connor Connection,” many times this fall.  

Vierstra is going to give Coach Jason Lee and his new Offensive Co-Ordinator, Coach Poulnott a real deal Air Attack that will make for some sleepless nights of the Defensive Co-Ordinator’s on their schedule.   Connor Vierstra is throwing the ball with velocity and power and accuracy and has all the other talents it takes to be a dual threat along with having the size and strength to stand in the pocket and pick you apart.  He has already given a few glimpses of what he can do at the 7 on 7 tournaments that Lakewood has attended, by throwing TD passes and completing rockets in small windows against some of the big D1 High Schools in the central Ohio area. All we can say is look out for Lakewood this year.  Pictured above is (L to R) Connor Vierstra, Kyle Ohrandzansky OC Findlay U., Coach Sink.

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