Judah Holtzclaw Big Time Visitors for my Big Time QB

Not often does a Sophomore get the kind of attention that my QB at Westerville Central has been getting during this open season for coaches to visit High Schools and get a look at young recruits.  In my 14 years of experience I can tell you it is rare (counted on one hand) when a Student athlete has the list of schools that Judah Holtzclaw 6’6” 210 lbs. QB has already had visit him in the last month.

Coach Morrison HC at Westerville Central has been a busy guy hosting the National program coaches and has shared the list with me. So, here it is: TOLEDO, MIAMI OF OHIO, BOWLING GREEN, KENT STATE, AIR FORCE, ARMY, HARVARD, OHIO STATE, MICHIGAN STATE, CINCINNATI, RUTGERS, BOSTON COLLEGE, WEST VIRGINIA, PITT, PENN STATE, PURDUE, WESTERN MICHIGAN, EASTERN MICHIGAN, OHIO U, MICHIGAN, KENTUCKY, IOWA STATE.   In addition, my good friend Dabo Sweeny at CLEMSON has already invited him to their Elite QB camp in June and we are booked to go there, among other very high profile camps.   Trevor Lawrence, Dabo”s incredible Freshman QB is 6’6” 210 lbs., sound familiar?

Now all that being said, the ole’ adage is true, “that and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee”, however in Judah’s case, with his intensity, work ethic, God in heaven to direct him,  and his private coach to drive him, Judah’s great success is around the corner for this humble but confident young man.  I am so proud of him and look forward to helping Judah Holtzclaw fulfill his dreams.    

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