Kentucky gets a visit from Judah and Zeke

Two Sophomores from Westerville Central HS in Westerville, Ohio, Judah Holtzclaw my 6’6” 210 lbs QB and Zeke Healy 5’10” 190 lbs LB visited the Wildcats Saturday.   Both were invited to watch the outstanding matchup between Kentucky and Georgia for the East Lead in the SEC.   Both teams were 7-1 coming into the game and a lot riding on the outcome.    Georgia prevailed but these two guys both loved the Wildcats and in 2 short years could be making a great difference in the final score at that time.

Zeke, 1st team all OCC ended up the #4 leading tackler in the State of Ohio and the number 1 sack leader, and that my friends are incredible stats for a Sophomore, especially when he did not start in the first game and missed one game due to an ankle injury.  Judah is the number 1 drop back passer in the State on the recruiting lists for QBS and is listed 22nd in the country.  We are looking forward to working both of these guys over the next years of their careers as they both have what it takes to make immediate impact on a major college Football team.   OH YAH, I forgot to tell you, these two guys are cousins and both have older brothers playing major college football.   Isaiah Healy at the QB position and  Dakota Holtzclaw at the WR position as well as an awesome punter.

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