It’s Official: Jared Drake to Western Illinois

If anyone knows, and has lived, the Coach Sink quote, “Adversity Breeds Greatness”, it isJared  Drake.   After being the Ohio Offensive Player of the Year,

and second in the voting for Mr. Ohio Football in 2013 after an incredible 2 year run as the top QB in the state at Westerville Central HS for HOF Head Coach John Magistro.  Then Jaredstarted on his journey that we often talk about that makes men out of boys.   It is playing football at the next level and Never Giving Up no matter what comes your way.  Recruited on a full ride to East Tennessee State, where he was to be the franchise player for a newly reinstated football program, Jared became disenchanted when shortly after his arrival a new offensive coordinator was hired who changed everything that was promised to Jared and not in a good way.

Jared Drake, did not give up , but continued to be one of the top 3 players on the team and finished the year in a flurry with the press in the area writing all kinds of articles on how bright  the future of ETSU Football was under the direction of Jared Drake at the QB position.  Jaredhowever, knew that this was not where his talents were going to be used to the fullest. He then transferred to the Ohio State University and was awarded by the NCAA 5 more years of eligibility to play 4 years .  OSU decided to place him on the defensive side of the ball (whichCoach Sink always thought was a wrong decision), and used his red shirt year so he would still have 4 more years to play. Jared Drake worked hard  in the class room and on his football but was awarded with a minimal time on the field and mostly on special teams, but as God’s plan often works just in time, OSU this past spring moved Jared to the offensive side of the ball and wow what a film he put together in a few practices.  Never Giving Up nor even slowing down,Jared zoomed towards Graduation in three years where he could make a decision where to transfer and play on a Championship team and eventually have a shot at the NFL. Now, this zooming meant this past semester, giving up football,  taking a 27 hour load to Graduate in May this year, and Graduate he did.

While all this is going on, Coach Sink and GES Advisory ( Shemy Schembechler) went to work from coast to coast to find the perfect fit for Jared Drake to be the star most football geniuses always thought he would be right out of HS. It was Shemy that finally landed THE SPOT.  Remember, I told you OSU had just transferred him to the Offensive side of the ball.  Well, Western Illinois watched the film that Shemy had sent them and immediately askedJared to visit, which he did. When Jared arrived he found the coaching staff to be in need of an H Back and slot Receiver with quickness and speed and were amazed that they would find him in a 6’1/2” body that weighed 237 lbs of power packing muscle with 4.5 speed.   Jared and the Staff fell in love with each other and they offered on the spot and last Saturday he arrived to be part of the team. Just possibly the last piece of the puzzle that will put them in the race for a National Championship.

The coaching staff is looking for Jared Drake to be on the field 78% of the time.  Perfect for this poster child for “Adversity Breeds Greatness”. All I can say is if they carry out this plan, watch out for The Leatherneck’s as they will be a team with a powerful offense, led by Jared Drake.

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