Caprella and Pierce visit Kentucky Practice


Lucas Pierce my 6’2” 190 lbs. Newark Catholic wide receiver, and Johnny Caprella my 6’2” 193 lbs QB from Lima Shawnee HS and a fabulous time in Lexington, Ky. Wednesday night and most of the day Thursday.  Lucas and I drove from Columbus and John and Johnny came from Lima and we met David Strickland, Lucas’ grandfather, who came over from Louisville, at the newly remodeled Campbell House Hotel and then all of us were hungry for some good food and man did we get it at the Restaurant right down the street called Malone’s.  Anyone who has been to beautiful Lexington Kentucky and has not eaten at Malone’s, believe it is a treat to not miss the next time. Malone’s is partially owned  by Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari and has a plaque on the walfor many of the famous people who have visited from President’s and other political people, to all kinds of famous sports persons and of course multi-persons in the horse business as well.  Thanks to David for an awesome meal.

It was up bright and early as Practice started at 7:30 am and we arrived right at 7 am.  We were greeted by Kentucky’s  famous head recruiter, Vince Morrow, (of Cardinal Mooney HS Fame as well as all of the Stoops brothers) and there is no one better thanKentucky at making you feel at home when you arrive.  All of us went directly to practice and were greeted by my friend Mark Stoops the head coach, and my buddy Darren Henshaw the OC and QB guy.  We had full access to anywhere we wanted to go and so Lucas payed attention to the WRS and Johnny the QBS and I also slipped over to watch Vince coach the Tight Ends where he does a magnificent job. After about 2 hours Coach Stoops decided the rest of practice would be in the Stadium.   It was great to see 2 players that I coached for 4 years each, one was Charlie Moushay who is getting ready for tryouts for the NFL and then of course Bennie Snell (the sophomore of the year in the SEC) who saw me and had to run over in the middle of the scrimmage for a fast hug.  What a gorgeous Day it turned out to be and the scrimmage was very competitive as it should be.  The 2 guys then went for a tour of the facilities and I went to the film room to watch film with Darren and then the boys caught up with us in the offensive room.  Darren then spent quite a bit of time getting to know Johnny and Lucas and then it was off to home for all of us.  Pictured above left to right is Coach Sink, Johnny Caprella,  Darren Henshaw, and Lucas Pierce.

Lucas, who is already on the recruiting list for the University of Kentucky and many others including additions just this week ofCornell U. of the Ivy League and University of Arkansas.   Johnny has had visits from Toledo, Ball State, and Boston Collegeand is now on the radar at Kentucky and is looking forward to throwing for Pitt and Kentucky and others during the open period coming up. The offers are about to spring loose for these awesome athletes of ours and we are looking forward to a fabulous senior year for Lucas and Johnny.  Both of these guys are members of the incredible GES Advisory team headed by my buddy Shemy Schembechler, and he is excited as well for the offers that are coming.

Johnny Caprella and Lucas Pierce would both look good wearing the awesome uniforms of the BIG BLUE and what a combination they might be together.  Well, you never know—- Go Cat’s.!!!

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