Caprella MVP Best of the Midwest Camp


Monday was the Best of the Midwest Camp Indianapolis, Indiana for all positions in Football. Rivals, 247 sports, Scout Ohio and many more recruiting services were in attendance and morning session went very good for all participants as they were timed in the standing broad jump, the L drill, the Pro shuttle, and of course the 40 yard dash. Approximately 400 players were tested a minimum of twice in each event so the coaches earned their money as well as the kids stayed focused and performed very well.

In the afternoon everyone broke up into their individual positions so I spent 100 % of my time with the upperclassmen at the QB spot. I will say that the total number of kids at the QB position was in excess of 68 so it was a difficult job coaching that many with 4 coaches. Everything went pretty well until we got to the final section which is the one on ones, where the amount of kids was unmanageable and therefore some did not get the amount of reps they should have gotten.

That being said, I want to mention 2 of my players that I was very proud of, one being my super Freshman Judah Holtzclaw 6’6” 195 lbs. from Westerville Central HS in Westerville Ohio who performed extremely well all day long. He challenged all the upperclassman until the groups were divided, which is remarkable for a Freshman. Judah has already had visits from Wisconsin and Indiana and has interest from Pitt as well as others.

The other is my sensational Junior WR Lucas Pierce 6’3 1/2” 200 lbs. from New Catholic HS in Newark Ohio. Lucas had some awesome catches and ran routes with precision and ripped away from (holding) defensive backs all day long. I was amazed he was not named an MVP, as he is being recruited already from Kentucky, Louisville, Yale and Pitt plus others. Lucas is on his way to Pitt this Saturday for Junior Day. Proud of both of you !!!

Now to the picture from above; So very proud of the performance that Johnny Caprella 6’2 1/2” 195 lbs. from Lima Shawnee HS had at this highly competitive camp. Johnny was throwing rocket strikes all day including a couple of 60 yard posts and fades for TDs that brought the crowd alive with cheers. The other thing Johnny was able to do was go all day with NO interceptions and that is hard to do when receivers at times run the wrong routes. He was really on his game as he also was able to put the ball in very tight windows against man up coverage all day. Congratulations to Johnny Caprella shown above with the other two MVPs, one being Roman Purcell from Warren Central HS in Indy on my left and on my right is Liam Thompson from North Central HS in Indy and one of my good buddy’s (former Penn State QB) Anthony Morelli private students. Anthony is the big guy on the left in this picture and it is always good to coach with him again. Johnny is being recruited by Pitt, Boston College, Bowling Green, Toledo and Ball State and has heard from majors around the country such as Texas A & M.

Way to go Johnny and by the way on the same day was selected to the top 15 basketball players in the Northwest region of Ohio for Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4.

He will be playing in the All Star game with that team. He averaged 47 % of his team’s points this year. Johnny Caprella What a Day.

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