Great New Friends at AFCA


I have just spent the last 4 days in Charlotte NC at the AFCA (American Football Coaches Association) Convention with approximately 6,000 Football coaches from around the world. High School, College and Private and Pro coaches, plus vendors for every possible football need were in attendance. There were some awesome highlights for me and my wife Bonnie but none any more important than the Sunday night Ice Cream social put on by the WIVES of AFCA, followed by our FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) annual 9 pm meeting. We were asked to join a table to eat the Ice Cream(not to worry for those of you who know me well as I have vowed off sweets for the rest of my life, but a banana split once a year never hurt anyone, Ha!) by Osia Lewis and his wife the Senior Defense Assistant and Linebacker Coach at Vanderbilt where my friend Derek Mason is the head coach.

We found instant friendship with these two and then joining us a few minutes later were Ryan O’Hara the wide receiver coach at Alabama A&M and his lovely wife. We had a great time and were almost late to the FCA meeting which was being held next door so Bonnie and I invited both couples to join us at FCA.

We were all sharing various things about our lives and Osia decided to share his “story of the year” and what a story it is. He had just finished a year sabbatical to try to recover from Liver Cancer and as you can see from the picture does not look like he was ill a day in his life. That is because he is not, NOW…….. He has just been told that his cancer is in complete remission and it was a pleasure to be called on to pray for my new best friend. Wow what an evening together it was and you can see how much fun we were having and I apologize for Bonnie not being in the picture but somebody has to be the camera girl.

God is good and I can’t wait to take some of my guys to Vanderbilt Camp this summer as I will be able to spend some more time with this outstanding human being and Coach. Osia Lewis…….. You are another of my heroes in this fabulous football business.

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