Johnny Caprella #1 Rated QB in NW Ohio


Another Star Junior, Johnny Caprella 6’2” 190 lbs. Shawnee HS in Lima, Ohio has a total of 1323 yards for the year in 6 games with 85 completions for 146    attempts (58.2%) and 13 TDS.   Johnnyhas also rushed for 313 yards on 92 attempts and 8 TDS.  Johnny is leading his region for most QB TDS with 21 and is second only to a QB that throws on almost every down in most yardage, but with 35% less attempts.   The amazing part of Johnny’s success is he has only played 6 varsity games of football in his life.  He started with me 1 ½ years ago and had not played football since grade school.  He told me he loved football as he is a star 3 sport guy, and I told him it would be an uphill battle but that was no problem for Johnny Caprella.  Go to work, HE did, and has not slowed down one day since and has me convinced he does love it.  Here is Johnny’s 5 games Highlight film:


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