Bayles wins first Playoff Game

Brayden Bayles, Coach Sink, Daylen McIntire

Brayden Bayles my Senior QB from Heath HS Heath, Ohio did it again except this one is in the Ohio HS Playoffs. Tim Ward, head Coach for the Bulldogs took his team on a 2-hour bus drive south to play an excellent team, Portsmouth West located right on the Ohio River (or as far south as you can go in Ohio before you land in Kentucky).

The game started all in favor of Portsmouth as they scored a field goal and a TD for a total of 9 points before Heath could get on the board. Then Bayles, as usual, took things into his own hands and moved the team on a long drive and ran it into the end zone before the end of the second quarter. Half time score 9 to 7 Portsmouth over Heath.

The second half was entirely different as the Bulldogs had figured out the 0-coverage defense of West and Bayles started attacking the deep middle which is what is weak with no safety in the middle of the field. Brayden laid up a beautiful ball thrown perfectly to hit Connor Corbett, his running back, down the seam on the right side and Connor did the rest with ease running it in and making the score Heath 13, West 9. The Tim Ward coached Heath defense did their part by playing well all night, as they ended up turning Portsmouth over 3 times in the game with 1 fumble recovery and 2 INT’S. One of these turnovers made it possible for another great throw by Bayless, a post to Connor Toomey to get the ball inside the 10. Then from the 1-yard line where Heath tried 3 times to score up the middle and failed, Brayden then kept the ball and put in the end zone putting Heath up 20 to 9.

Portsmouth West was not done yet and came back in the 4th quarter and scored keeping the game within reach with a score of Heath 20 West 15. You guessed it!! Time for Brayden Bayles to make another big play in a game, and that he did. One of the best throws I’ve seen all year by any QB. Bayles rolled to the left, actually away from the post pattern that his other outstanding WR Daylen McIntire ran from the left wide out spot. Brayden got his body turned while on the run, and fired from the 40-yard line an absolute rocket 2 ball into the end zone, where McIntire spun to make a high back shoulder catch and it was game over. Heath 27 Portsmouth West 15 with about 2 minutes left. The Heath defense shut them down and the Playoff victory belonged the Heath Bulldogs.

Brayden Bayles‘ stats are near perfect with a 69.2% completion average and 2 TDS passing with 212 yards thrown and 0 interceptions. Rushing, he was 54 yards on 17 carries and 2 TDS. Connor Corbett had 4 receptions for 69 yards and 1 TD and Daylen McIntire had 90 yards receiving on 7 catches and 1 TD.

Heath and Brayden Bayles and company take on the number 1 seed Friday, Ironton but if Bayles has anything to do with it and he will, this could be the game for all the marbles. Keep doing what you do Brayden Bayless and Ironton will have their hands full.

Above picture is Brayden Bayles, Coach sink and Daylen McIntire celebrating the win. Below is One Happy Coach Tim Ward with the biggest grin I’ve ever seen from him, with score board in view. Thanks to my wife, Bonnie Roesink for the great shots.

Head Coach Tim Ward Heath Bulldogs