Lucas Hartings and Company!

One of my bright shining new stars is Lucas Hartings who is a Freshman QB at Western Michigan but has joined the portal to move to a better opportunity. In the meantime, he has joined the Sink group to get better every day while in the transition, and that is exactly what he is accomplishing.

Lucas is working hard on improving his footwork in the pocket and developing more velocity and improving his accuracy. At this session last Saturday, he did all three and had some NFL throws to the sideline which every team in the league wants to see.

While doing his work he was joined by an array of young talented receivers who also wanted to improve their skills. photo’d above left to right: Marty Peterson, a Freshman WR from New Albany HS who has a big career ahead if he continues to work hard like he is now. Next is a future star (under sized only because of his age) but has connections so he can get in this workout and his name is Malik Hartings. Then comes Olentangy Orange HS representative Michael Wong who is quick and fast and is developing quickly into a fine slot receiver for HC Zeb Schroeder. Drue Fraker is next and a Real Deal talented TE from another great program at Marysville HS and Coach Brent Johnson who has done a sensational job this past year with that program. Drue is headed to Bowling Green for camp in a few weeks and I’m sure he will be appreciated by HC Scott Loeffler there.

Next in line is QB Lucas Hartings and as you can see has all the physical tools to make it to the Big league. Next, Coach Sink, and the last two receivers are Christian Tucker and Hunter Alexander from Worthington Christian HS, where Jeff Hartings is the Head Coach and doing a fabulous job of building a high school program that will win for a long time. Of course, Jeff is the same Hartings that spent several years in NFL so he knows this game and has the credentials it takes. Christian has size and speed and is going to be a star and so is Hunter if they keep working like they did Saturday.

A great day for some young talent at one of Sink’s sessions.