Blake Horvath QB Hilliard Darby Highlight’s

It is my pleasure to put up a high light film of this caliber on my site, as Blake Horvath the SENIOR QB/ ATHLETE is the most talented runner I have had at the QB position in my 17 years of coaching QBS and WRS.  That includes 100’s of guys, and some of those athletes that are and have been in the NFL.    He comes from a family with the Horvath name that include multi-talented  athlete’s in and around Ohio, so he was expected to be really good on the gridiron, or diamond , or court, or track,  depending on the sport, but Blake has lived up to and surpassed all expectations.


I have watched all year his incredible ability from the QB spot to turn 3rd and 7 or 9, or 12, or 20 into first downs in a miraculous way. At times leaving you to wonder “how did he just do thatâ€when the defense knew he was likely to run the ball.   Watch his highlight reel and you will see what I mean.  He has a God given talent to change directions oh so slightly or a big cut and keep up his incredible speed going forward while doing so.  He is always headed to the end zone and that is why Horvath broke the all-time record for TDS in a season at his very successful Football high school, Hilliard Darby by putting up 28 TDS running the ball, and 5 TDS passing.    Blake Horvath had this season, 1,722 yards in 234 carries for a 7.35 yards per carry average.   Don’t blame Coach Santagama for keeping the ball in his hands as much as possible.


Horvath was OCC- Cardinal division Player of the Year, 1st team OCC QB, 1st Team All District, and OCC Scholar athlete with a whopping 4.55 GPA.  The all state honors are not out yet but I would be surprised if he didn’t make it on that list as well. Crank up his highlight film here and sit back and be entertained by watching a tremendous athlete at work.   I am so proud to have spent almost a year together coaching such a talent and I don’t have to tell you he is a hard worker always trying each day to get a little better.   This is a kid with a great future on the field, no matter what position he plays, because he is solid with his life philosophy, his family, his work ethic and his goals, what more would you want as a leader on your team.


See highlight film: