Dick Cartnal, What a Man !!

A Doctor of Dentistry and my personal dentist for many years, A Star Pitcher for Ohio State University, An Incredible Coach who loved Baseball like I love Football, and a Father extraordinaire, who loved his wife Diane, and three girls, Kathy, Molly, and Amy like all men should. This should be enough to put you in life’s Hall of Fame, but not quite. For Dick had the secret to land in Heaven’s Hall of Fame, and that is exactly where He is today.

You see, Dick, at an early age came to know Jesus personally and everyone that knew Dick very well, knew that to be a fact because he shared it with all that came in contact with him. He was my hero and mentor and often we would talk about coaching young men and trying hard to direct them to a better life and an assurance they would enter Heaven’s gates when leaving this life. He took the time on more than one occasion to pray for me when I was making a major decision about my future in coaching.

He also said more than once, “Stand your ground and don’t let them push you around,” for with his soft demeanor, he was also a man’s man. He would tell me do the right thing and don’t waver for God has a plan so with him you can do all things.

We attended a celebration of life for Dick at the Spring Hill Baptist Church in Granville yesterday and when we all stood to sing “Amazing Grace” and the last verse rang out, IT WAS SPECIAL. “When we’ve been there ten thousand years bright shining as the Sun, we’ve no less days to sing God’s praise then when we’ve first begun.” What a celebration of a life well lived and even though we will miss him much, I for one look forward to seeing him again soon. Dick Cartnal, What a Man! Thanks for being my friend !