All State QB Division was Great competition

Coach Paul Kilzer, Tristan Aboud, Coach Sink, Bryce Shondelmyer, Coach Matt Carlisle

The QB division was hotly contested, and I wish I could mention everyone that played well and had some awesome throws, but if I did, I would take up half of the page so we will concentrate on the two guys that were the MVPS.   Both of these guys have a bright future and, with a little finish, should be ready for one of the Power 5 conferences by the middle of the summer.  Pictured above with all three QB Coaches is Tristen Aboud (2nd from the left) from The Governor’s Academy in Byfield, Mass.  He is big (6’6”) and strong and generally throws a beautiful ball and places it well.  Just a little footwork and he will be more comfortable in the pocket and could be maybe a Sunday player.   Great upside to this young man. The other MVP in the QB department was Bryce Shondelmyer (4th from the left) from nearby Arcanum HS where he plays for his father who is an excellent HS coach as well, Coach Shondo.  Bryce is tough minded, and a competitor and I love his style.  Seems like everyone needs footwork help these days, even in the NFL, and Bryce could smooth out his motion which will help speed up his already quick delivery.  However, he is already the real deal, so expect a BIG year from Bryce.  If I continued, I would be in trouble but several of the next 7 or 8 were good looking QBS and if they decided to go to work now, trust me, The Midwest will be blessed with a serious number of D1 prospects at the incredibly important spot in offensive football.    GO QBS; a lot of you are first team ALL STATE prospects. On the far left, is Coach Paul Kilzer, in the middle is Coach Sink, and on the far right is Coach Matt Carlisle, who at the end of the month is headed to Sacramento, California to play for Jon Osterhaut at American River, one of the top JUCOS in the Nation.    Expect to see more of Matt Carlisle on the US Football Stage.

Watch the 2-minute Drill from All-State Camp

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