Blake Horvath sets all-time record, & Beats Jerome

Blake Horvath finishes his Senior regular season with an incredible year by setting the all-Time record of 42 rushing TDS in a career at Hilliard Darby.   A record that could stand for a long time in my estimation.   Congratulations to one of the most talented QB runners I have ever seen, who also threw the ball very well when needed and makes the Darby offense very hard to defend.   On to the State playoffsfrom here, Blake Horvath.   


After an opening drive that started on theDublin Jerome 40 yard line, Darby punted and Jerome had a good drive going until thePanthers defense of Coach Santagamacame up big and picked off the Jerome QBand returned it to the 38 yard line of Jerome.   It was serious time for Blake Horvath, my super senior QB and the Darby running machine.   Blake picked up a 3rd down and 5 with a roll out right that got a first down on the 28 yard line.   Then a great option pitch by Horvath freed his tail back to take the ball to a first down and goal at the 10 yard line. Blake rolled left and threw a strike but his receiver was interfered with, so 2nd down and goal from the 5.   It took 2 try’s but Horvath put it in the end zone, 7 to 0 Darby.


In the 2nd quarter Jerome put a drive together and scored tying it up. At 7.  The next series for Darby, it is third down and 10 from the Panthers 20 yard line when Horvath breaks a big one of 65 yards up the middle and a quick step left and is finally brought down at the Jerome 15 yard line.  Definitely the play of the game so far.  The Panthers got the ball to the 5 yard lineand got a procedure call on 4th and 1, so had to settle for a field goal making it Darby 10 Jerome 7.   After a Darby punt Jeromegets the ball on the 50 yard line and try’s to go deep and gets intercepted again by the good defensive backs of Darby.


Methodical is what I call the next drive for the Panthers as they weave, pitch, and grind their way down the field waiting as always for a big run by Blake Horvath, generally on third and long.

But, Blake delivered !!!!   It’s third and 7from the Jerome 35 yard line and Horvathfinds a small seam and gets a first down at the 26 of Jerome, where on 1st down Blakesteps left, cuts to the right and boom TD is the results.  16 to 7 Darby.


After a failed field goal by Darby in the 4thquarter, Dublin Jerome moves the ball but has to settle on fourth down for a field goalto make the score 16 to 10 in favor of thePanthers.


Late in the fourth quarter, a great final drive by the Panthers ends  when Blake Horvath breaks into the open at the Jerome 20 heads up the middle and falls down on purpose at the one yard line. Blake downs the ball 3 times and game over, 16 to 10 but obviously could have been 23 to 10 Darby.   Horvath ended the game with another 200+ yard night  rushing the ball.  Blakehad 232 yards on 26 carries plus both TDS (2). That is almost a 9 yard per carry average, and as we mentioned at the top, a career record of 42 rushing TDS.    An extremely talented football player that we will be watching on Saturdays soon.