Bayles Breaks all time passing Record for TD Passes

Brayden Bayles 6’1” Sophomore QB at Heath HS, Heath Ohio, “Lit it Up” Friday night vs. Utica HS, Utica, Ohio.   Here is how the evening got under way, with a first down on the 18 yard line of Utica,  Brayden rolled left, spun around and set his feet and threw a perfect strike to his lanky slot receiver, Mitch McClain on a corner pattern right at the back Pylon, in the corner of the end zone. The ball was just out of reach as Mitchwas a touch slow on his route.  Not to fear this night, however, as Bayles was just warming up and so was McClain.


One play later, he fired a step back screen to his number 1 receiver so far this year, Reece Huber, who took it to the house 18 yards for the score. Heath 7 Utica 0.   After a fumble recovery and a scoop for a score it is now 14 to 0 Heath.


On the next series Brayden threw a nice swing pass to the left side that set up a 1stdown on the Utica 24 yard line. A beautiful sweep right to Mitchell McClain, (who found his speed) set up another first down on the 7 yard line. Brayden then rolled right and bought just enough time for WR Keylan Williams to position himself in the middle of the end zone for Bayles to throw back over the middle and high point the ball to Williams who made a great catch extending his 6’6” frame and spearing the ball out of the air. Heath 21 to 0 and if your keeping track, the 2nd TD pass of the night.  


Now it is the second Quarter and Utica has yet to cross the 50 yard line on coach Tim Ward’s Heath defense.  Brayden then pulls off a fake punt with 4th and 10 and picks up a first down on the Utica 41 yard line.  After an unsuccessful under route to Reece Huberon the left side and a penalty, Coach Ward is faced with 2nd and 20 from the 50 yard line.  Ward calls for the sweep left and number 11 Connor Toomey, who makes a move our two and burns down the sidelines and into pay dirt, making the score 28 to 0 Heath.   There is 3:54 left in the half when Baylesrolled right, stopped, set his feet and rifled the ball over the middle to Ar’Moni  McCraeon a crossing route and Ar’Moni did the rest for a 25 yard TD Pass and catch. Now it is 35 to 0 Heath.


Brayden, on the next series from the 50 yard line threw a seam route to  Mitch McClain who broke it off to a skinny post and scored with still 1:59 left in the 2nd quarter.  Makes it 42 to 0 Heath. With 10 seconds left to half time, Brayden rolls left to escape the rush, spots Riley Gould  in the middle of the field, makes a great throw on the run and hits Riley right between the numbers and Gould with his athleticism and speed takes it to the Pylon and dives into the end zone for the 5th passing TD of the night.  At the half it is Heath 49 Utica 0.  


We are now just one play into the fourth quarter with a running clock the whole second half. It is 3rd down and goal to go from the Utica 9 yard line.  Brayden Baylesrolled out to the left, turned his body and pointed his left shoulder at the throw and sent a rocket ball to  Sophomore Connor Toomey, who was completing a near perfect scissors route to cap off the perfect all-time record breaking 6 TD Passing night per game for my Super Sophomore QB and his Heath Bulldogs. Final Score Heath 63 Utica 7.


Brayden ended the night going 11-17 and 193 yards passing and of course the all-time record at Heath, 6 TD Passes, but also ran for 23 yards.  Receptions for TDS were spread out over 6 different receivers  Reece Huber 1,  Keylan Williams 1. Ar’Moni McCrae 1. Mitchel Mclain 1., Riley Gould 1. and Connor Toomey 1. What an incredible night for my Super Sophomore Brayden Bayles and yes he has all the rest to go with it, Integrity, good grades, and an awesome young man.   The future is bright for Brayden and his Bulldog buddies.  

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