Super Sophomore Brayden Bayles lights up the Sky

Brayden Bayles my super sophomore QB 6’1” 180 lbs. from Heath HS, Heath Ohio, last night had a record night throwing the ball going 5 for 7, 205 yards and 4 TDS in the first half.  That’s correct in the first half. Brayden lead his team to a 45 to 0 shut out  against Circleville HS Circleville Ohio at his home field in Heath.    He started the night after some neat running by Ar’Moni McCraewho basically got them to the 25 yard line and then Brayden started his attack on the sky by throwing a beautiful fade in the right corner of the end zone to one of his favoriteWRS Reece Huber and finished it by running in the 2 point conversion  8 to 0 Heath


Heath does one of Coach Tim Ward’s goal line stands that stopped Circleville from scoring so Heath took over the ball on their own 4 yard line.  After moving the ball to the17, Brayden starts attack # 2 on the evening sky over the stadium by lofting the perfect ball to his big out side WR on the right side Keylan Williams who caught the ball in stride and glided past everyone for an 83 yard TD. The extra point was good for 2, so with 4:40 left in the first it is Heath 16 Circleville 0.


3 and out for Circleville and the punt return was taken back to the 24 yard line whereRayden Bayles rolled out right and put a move on the Defensive End and threw on the run a dart to Reece Huber in the back of the end zone on a drive route for his 2nd TDcatch.  Bayles threw for the 2 pt conversion and it is Heath 24 to 0 and there is still 1:34left in the first quarter.   Coach Ward’s Bulldogs recovered a fumble, and on 2nddown from the 29 yard line Baylescompletes his attack on the sky for another fade but this time to Mitchell McClainanother of the stretchy WRS in Braydon’sarsenal for his second throw down the right side of the field now it is Heath 31 Circleville 0.


The Bulldogs take over from the Circleville 49 yard line where Ar’Moni takes over and gets the ball to the 12 and then does some nifty running that could get some guys in trouble not McCrae

last night.   He scores and it is heath 38 to zip with 7:06 left in the first half.   The next drive Ar’Moni does his thing again running the ball  to 11 yard line where Braydenhand’s the ball to McCrae and he takes it in.   45 to 0 Half time score.


In the third period the first team only played the first drive and after a series of debacles, called penalties, one after another, Brayden tried for his 5th passing TD of the night but due to a wrong route by a WR and a difficult throw on the run the score would remain 45 to 0.   With a running clock it did not take long to end the game.  I do not have the exact stats for the end, but Brayden ended the game with about 250 yards in the air and 4TDS, no INTS.  Not a bad night for my Super Sophomore and the sky remained beautiful at Heath Ohio.   Great night Brayden Bayles and I say if he keeps working hard which he has so far the Sky is the limit for his future.  


Picture above left to right  Coach Sink, QB Brayden Bayles, Head Coach Tim Ward,  WR Kelan Williams, WR Reece Huber,  RB Ar’Moni McCrae.

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