Blake Horvath Player of the Week CH 8

Great night for Blake Horvath QB fromHilliard Darby HS  Hilliard Ohio.   Darby led at the half of this Big time game in Central Ohio High school Football Friday night, 14 to 6 and then the fire works started happening and the 2 teams put up 45 points in the second half.   Westerville South doing it by featuring , Kaden Saunders their outstanding multipurpose athlete, from the WR and QB positions, and Darby featuring their outstanding multipurpose athlete from the QB spot, Blake Horvath.


Friday night it ended up with Horvath, putting his team on his back by scoring 4 TDS and rushing for an incredible 193 yards.  He also went 1 of 2 for 17 yards throwing.   Coach J. Santagata decided they would do it on the ground and it worked out just right.   With 7:41 left in the game Westerville South lead 31 to 27. Blake knew he wanted to take as much time as possible to score, and leave as little time on the clock as possible to Westerville South and Saunders to get any more points.


Horvath and the Panthers played it just right as he capped off his final drive with a 9 yard TD run with 1:19 left on the clock. The Panther defense did the rest and Darby wins their third straight to stay undefeated, 34 to 31.  James Hakes had 98 yards rushing on 22 carries for a great compliment to Blake Horvath’s fabulous night.  


When it was all said and done channel 8made Blake Horvath the winner of their Player of the Week in central Ohio.  Congratulations to my outstanding Senior QB from Hilliard Darby HS.

Blake is one incredible young man of character and an awesome football talent that has a great future in this sport.   Keep up the good work Blake Horvath.  

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