Holtzclaw Commit’s to YSU

After declaring eligibility to 2022, and after much discussion and consideration to play for an academy this year, Judah Holtzclaw my outstanding 6’6” 225 lb. Quarterback from Westerville Central HS in Westerville Ohio, committed last week to Youngstown State U. to play his college ball.  Troy Rothenbuhler, the Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach Doug Phillips  made Judah an offer he couldn’t turn down, because all the other big offers were for schools who wanted Judah to play a year of Academy ball and then come in for 2022. This offer was for 2021, right now to come to school next week and start practicing to play this year.

So, after much consideration, all of that was on the table for Judah, he decided he wanted to get to playing as soon as possible.  Off to be a Penguin it is for Judah and a future bright with the rebuilding of a storied program with plenty of National Championships and final game appearances.  Jim Tressel and Bo Pellini are just two of the former successful Head Coaches who had top teams and played in or won the FCS National championship for YSU.

The other draw for Judah at YSU is the multitude of great Quarterback’s that have played or are playing from FCS schools in the NFL. Carson WenceJimmy GarapoloTony RomoRon Jawarski (YSU) are just a few of the many names that come to mind.  Wouldn’t that be great if that happened to Judah!!!  It just might, as Coach Phillips is bent on building a Championship team out of the North East Ohio river town of  Youngstown.  Go get ‘em Judah Holtzclaw.   So proud of you!