Cardell Jones & Judah Holtzclaw, throwing Session

Judah Holtzclaw, C/O ‘22 6’6” QB  and Cardale Jones got together today and had some real fun working out.  Coach Terry from Bishop Sycamore High School, where Judah will be playing this spring arranged the get together at one of our indoor facilities where we work out regularly.   Cardale, who is currently a free agent but continues to work hard to land another deal soon in the NFL.  He played for the Bills, the Chargers, the Seahawks and the DC Defenders in the past 4 years.  He was certainly impressed with Holtzclaw as they threw and did some white board work together and as always, I am impressed with those athletes who keep giving back to the game.   Cardale enjoyed giving Judah some pointers that he learned while in the NFL.


Watch here as you will be impressed with Judah as he throws with an NFL QB:


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