Isaiah Healy Captures Camp at Western Michigan


Isaiah Healy the 2018 QB from Westerville Central in Westerville Ohio did it one more time again this summer, but this time he not only was the dominant QB in the camp but topped all categories in which he competed.  He ran a 4.6 electronically timed 40 and was the fastest player in the 200 strong camp, defeating all positions with this time.  Then Zay turned around and won the vertical jump with a 34” effort and the standing broad jump with a 9’ 8” which both were camp winning  efforts.

Then it was Football time and Isaiah started throwing, which is now his signature rocket ball, that travels at the speed of sound (well, not quite) and has multi revolutions per second. The same ball, I might add, that most of the Sink taught QBs are known for.  Isaiah was on fire and literally the entire night continued to put the ball in tight windows and 55 and 60 yards down the field anytime he needed to.

One of the receivers stepped up to me and said, “I can’t get anybody to throw the ball to me right.”  I asked him if he had been to many camps and he said yes, so I then asked him if he had figured out how to get all the great balls thrown to him.  He looked at me with a question mark on his face and I said, “Go get the BEST QB in camp to throw to you and you will see what happens.” He then asked who the best was and I said, “Why don’t you try #4 Isaiah Healy?”   He went directly over to him and said throw me the post pattern.   Isaiah went to the front of the line, dropped three steps closed one and threw the rocket in the back of the end zone which was exactly 60 yards from where he let it go.   The young man was on the dead run, all out, letting every ounce of energy flow to get there, and made it to the back of the end zone by putting both hands up, pinkies together, extended over his head reaching as far as he could, and the ball literally dropping into his hands making a solid catch for the TD.   As he turned around to look back at the crowd that was “oohing and awhing” he got a smile that reached from sideline to sideline and could not wait to get back and fist bump his new found friend the # 1 QB in the camp.  Congrats Isaiah Healy on a great Western Michigan Broncos Camp.

Isaiah is Pictured here with both the WMU Head Coach Tim Lester and Coach Sink

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