Quarterback Jaxon Gregory Leads Mt. Vernon Win in 3 OT’s


Jaxon Gregory has risen to the top as a leader and QB of the ever improving Mt. Vernon Yellowjackets.   What a ball game, if you think you cannot do it a bunch of ways to win a game listen to this.

Jaxon, during the regulation game threw for a TD and ran for a TD to end regulation in a 14 to 14 tie and that is pretty good in one of those grind up and down the field type games.

They had run the wildcat offense in the game with very little success however when you get to the third overtime you have to do something different then you have been doing in order to win it.  So, Jaxon went to his coach and said listen, “I think this will work for the winning TD,” and being a smart HS coach , He said “OK Jaxon let’s try it.”

Jaxon lined up as a WR over on the right side on the field and they went to the Wildcat and Kaden rolled out right and let it go.   Yep, u guessed it, there was Jaxon 20 yards down field in the end zone and caught the winning TD.   Mt. Vernon 20 Clear Fork 14.   Throw for a TD, run for a TD,  catch a TD, and call the play for the win, now that’s what I call a great night in HS Football.   CongratulationsJaxon Gregory, you are a winner in my book.

I am so proud of what this young man has accomplished .  He continues to work every week extra even during football and has become an incredibly accurate passer and is growing into one of the region’s best QBs.  I cannot wait to see the development of this young man and watch him perform in his senior year.



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