Coach Sink Coaches Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Camp


There are times in your life you stop doing what you do and just do something for those who can not repay you.   This was one of those days.  The outstanding country singer Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood do just that on a regular basis.  They created Teammates for Kids so that the underprivileged young boys and girl could experience a Top quality Football camp, put on by the best camp organizers in the country Pro-Camps, that on a normal day would cost hundreds of dollars to attend.  But Sunday the 24th of April at Worthington Kilbourne High School these well documented kids who do not have the means to attend an event like this did just that.

I was able to invite one of my players Will Phillis my outstanding Sr. QB from Hilliard Bradley High School , who is in the final stages of recovering from foot surgery, and man did we have fun coaching and giving to these awesome young children.   At one point Will had, more than I could count,  trying to tackle him after taking a hand-off from the kids while teaching them the basics of Quarterbacking.  Wow, did the kids have a great time and if you think we didn’t, try doing something for someone who can not repay you.  It will be a highlight of your life.

Now if all this wasn’t enough, the highlight MC and always popular Ohio State and NFL Star Chris Spielman was there and as he always does, jumped right in and coached with all of us.   Another addition was our Columbus Blue Jacket Captain Nick Foligno, who joined our group and became the tailback while we were teaching the toss sweep.  Nick was also a huge hit with the kids and we found out his brother played with a great friend of ours, Marty Baron, the retired goalie for NY, Phila., and Buffalo. Nick played it up big when I had our QB fake the ball on the toss sweep and “take it to the house” and left Nick without the ball.  The kids went crazy!!!!

There were some of the finest coaches in the Midwest there and our buddy Ohio Hall of Famer, John Majistro from Westerville Central High School and I were given the jobs of commissioners but honestly neither one of us could keep from diving in there and coaching these wonderful young people.

There was a check presented to the foundation from Pro-Camps for $40,000.00.   What a beautiful day it was in Central Ohio about every way you can rate this day sent from heaven.


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