AFCA Director Grant Teaff & Coach Sink


This is another in the series of stories of football that needs to be told.  In my coaching career, one man more than any other has impacted the direction in which my coaching has evolved.  I have shared this with him but I do not believe he realizes the magnitude of the impact he has made on me.  Now, I know from going to many years of this convention, I do not stand alone but join a group much larger than any of us know.

His integrity, perseverance for doing what is right even in the midst of standing alone at times, his belief in Lord Jesus Christ and standing firm on His principles, and his relentless effort to improve all facets of this game are unmatched and he is my hero. Grant was the first to see the far reaching possibilities of Football Coaches having the power of influence over hundreds of thousands of young men and changing all facets of their lives for their betterment and the improvement of our society.  It is my opinion that the game of football and its coaches may be our last stand of hope for our next generation and we must protect it with our lives.

Serving our young men by following the incredible standard, even though it is set very high, that this man GRANT TEAFF has trail blazed before us. If you would like to know more about this man who has so greatly impacted my life, contact the AFCA office in Waco Texas and ask for a copy of his book “Beyond the Game”, as my prayer is it will do the same for you.

This was Grant’s last year as our Executive Director leading us since 1993, totaling 23 years at the helm, and his accomplishments are way too great to try to list in this short article, but my hope and prayer is, he stays connected in every way and assists leading us into the next decade.

Grant Teaff, You have left a lasting Legacy.  Thanks Coach Sink

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