Worthington Killbourne Coach VINCE TROMBETTI and Football Stories that need to be told!


Most of you know who come on this site regularly about my tenure in the football world.  After spending 25 + years in this business I am convinced that some GREAT things happen that go completely unnoticed. I think this will interest all of you and maybe impact your whole family as well.

Several years ago I was asked by Coach Vince Trombetti to come to Worthington Kilbourne High School and assess some young men that he had playing for him at the Quarterback Position.   I did so and had no idea at that point, what I was about to venture into with this very knowledgeable seasoned High school coach who was struggling with a 3 win 8 loss record for the year.  I started to work a QB and  5 wide receivers (and some tag along players who wanted to just get better catching the ball, not to mention Ray Trombetti who came often to snap the ball almost flawlessly for all the college recruiters and for the work outs).  By the way, Ray is now playing for Akron U.   In the photo above are 3 receivers and a Running back from Kilbourne that have been with me for 3 years  Left to right Dakota Holtzclaw WR, Jack Thayer  WR,  Coach Sink, Coach Trombetti, Josh Stoner WR, Isaiah Young RB and all 4 young men will be playing college football next year..

Over the last 3 years Kilbourne has had a total of 6 losses including the state playoff games and a total wins of 31 games and they are not finished this year as they were undefeated in their Division D2 and start the playoffs this week.  I also have to mention Vince’s coaching staff and the job that has been done in instituting a new offense to complement this group of fine athlete’s that have been developed.  All of this was accomplished while last year losing the services of one of the top Quarterbacks in the country, Griffin Dahn in the 3rd game of his senior year with a broken ankle.

Griffin is now in California pursuing his education and his future in football and remember this name as he is on his way to great success as a football quarterback.

But, that is not  the story I want to tell today because as we know, there is more to life than just football but if it is used correctly what a tool it is to lead young men to greatness.  That is what Vince Trombetti is all about.   Behind the tough driving personality is a man who cares greatly for his players and their involvement in football and life in the future.  He does all of this with much pain and discomfort dealing with joints that have been replaced and probably ones that need to be.  Not as agile as he once was, has not slowed him down at all from doing his job as a mentor of men.

I watched for the second year in a row, the senior night that Coach Trombetti puts together for the men that have been in the program and are graduating and many who will have their college paid for by continuing their football careers. I have been asked to participate and am so honored to do so for Vince asks each boy to have the people who have had the most impact on their football to come and be present when they are announced before they  make their solo tackle of the big tackle dummy in front of all friends and family. Quite a crowd gathers, and of course it is all videoed by our mutual great friend Bill Reynolds of Quiz Styk fame.

This year I positioned myself close enough so I could hear some of what Vince said to each young man after he called for those to gather that were responsible for their success.  As each student was presented. he looked the player in the eye and shared with him some football  memories of days in his past and challenges he had overcome through his years with Coach Trombetti. I wish all of you could have been there and listened as I did, and see the emotion and love for each young man that I witnessed from Coach.  After each conversation Vince would give each player a manly hug as a caring father would do and wish them the best in their future and in many cases with much emotion from him.   Thanks Vince Trombetti for being part of these kids lives and for what you have done as a mentor of men. It does not go unnoticed from this friend and associate and I stand with you as to the impact it has on each young man.

What a neat event this is and I hope that I will be around for many more presentations on senior night at Worthington Kilbourne HS and am asked to participate in an event that none of these young men will forget for the rest of their lives.  Thanks Vince Trombetti for being a supporter of mine, as I am of yours.

Photo on Senior night at Kilbourne.   Dakota Holtzclaw WR, Jack Thayer WR, Coach Sink, Coach Trombetti, Josh Stoner WR, and Isaiah Young RB.

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