Quarterback Gavin Lyon has a new Video and the Highlights are AMAZING


Gavin Lyon senior Quarterback at Westerville Central HS Westerville Ohio put together one of the finest QB videos I have had the opportunity to be a part of.  Gavin has been an incredible student for 4 years and to see him blossom into this complete QB is more than rewarding to me.  I told his father Randy I will use this video to train younger men for many years to come as the overall performance is remarkable.

Playing behind a 2 time All-State and offensive player of the year in Ohio Jared Drake (now at Ohio State playing for the buckeyes) and then stepping up and never missing a beat and keeping the tradition of greatness going for Coach Morrison’s offense and head Coach John Majestro’s Warhawks has been a sight to behold.  Gavin’s athletic ability, speed and quickness were given of God but developed with great will and perseverance on Gavin’s part.  Please watch this video to see the footwork, poise and ability to deliver the ball with rocket force in a split second, as it is amazing.

The ONLY reason Gavin is not pursuing College football is totally Gavin’s fault.  He is headed to OHIO STATE to play baseball, and man can he play it!!!  I for one will not be surprised if we all watch him on TV pitching in the major leagues in the next few years.   Gavin, Great success in the future in your baseball career, as we watch from the sidelines with much admiration.


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