Jake Lewis, Licking Valley QB has new Highlight Video


Coach Randy Baughman, one of the very fine football coaches in the state of Ohio, called me to see if I had some time for a young but very promising Sophomore that did not have a lot of experience playing QB. I said for you, for sure I will find the time and he introduced me to Jake Lewis.

We went to work over the last winter, spring and summer and have not stopped since.   WE had our up’s and downs, but Jake has intensity to succeed and that makes things easy, and now, Jake is blossoming into a top Quarterback and his throwing continues to improve by the week.  I am really looking forward to see his growth over this spring as I believe everyone will be impressed when he comes to the camp season this summer.

Coach Baughman is a master at development of young football players and has used Jake perfectly this year, letting him gain confidence and knowledge of the game as he continues his development of QB skills with me.  Now, the good thing is, Jake has already grown about 4 or 5 inches since we started working and I don’t believe he is done yet.  He is a solid 6’1” and continues to get stronger and stronger with every work out.

Enjoy his outstanding high light film and stats from 6 games this year and  you can see on the film, he is ready to be a top dual threat QB in this State.  We are looking forward to seeing Jake reach his full potential this coming year.



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