Reynoldsburg High School’s Nate Barko and Martee Morse Put on a Show


Nate Barko QB and Martee Morse WR teamed up Friday night and put on an ariel  show looking like the US Air Force.  There were missiles of multi-lengths that were flying high over Reynoldsburg stadium and the usually conservative Coach White came out with guns a blazing, as Reynoldsburg defeated Grove City 38 to 17.   His trigger man was none other than our NATE BARKO 6’1” 190 lbs. Junior QB that had 310 yards on 13 completions on 18 attempts .   That is a pct. of 72% for the evening.  Nate is listed in the top 10  QBs in central Ohio with 789 yards of passing in 4 games.

Martee Morse 6’1” 185 lbs was the receptor for  120 yds of the missiles  and had 2 TDs of 20 yards and 38 yards.  He is becoming one of the top receivers in the state and is #5 currently in central Ohio with 24 catches and 374 total yards and an avg. of 15.6 yards per catch.  JJ Cooper had one TD for 52 yds and Jordan Hey had some spectacular catches as well during the evening.

All these guys have been regulars on the “SINK” work out sessions every week and particularly all summer . It pays to prepare and perfect practice does make perfect……..

Congratulations Coach White on your continued success and for the terrific use of your talent this year.

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