Chayce Crouch on His Way to Illinois


Wow, what a story and it hasn’t been completed yet, matter a fact, it is just beginning. Chayce Crouch came to Coach Sink, just after his Sophomore year in HS, in the spring of 2012, after a call from Troy Crouch his Dad. Troy said to coach, “would you take a look at my son and see if you can help him, I think he wants to be a really good QB.” That’s usually all it takes for coach to say yes to at least a first session and see what the young men are all about. Well, it was out behind the YMCA in downtown Newark, Ohio.(remember this location as it will be mentioned again in this story) Chayce and 4 of his good WRs showed up and of course coach put them through it….. Well, it didn’t take long and Chayce and his posse’ were all in and coach could see immediately how determined they were to succeed in this wonderful world of Newark Catholic Green Wave football, coached by Bill Franks, that carries a tradition of excellence and success at the highest level.

We will skip all the details of the next 6 to 8 months and fast forward with this statement. Hard work and determination and good size and ability from his mom and Dad (Troy was an excellent athlete himself and mom with incredible determination) give Chayce Crouch the complete package for the so called Pro typical drop back passer. A three sport guy at NC, with basketball and baseball (a key member of his State Champion baseball team)as his other two.

work with coach sink